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Cosmic Streams

Cosmic Streams is an Unrivaled Chakra Meditation Experience. This CD is a guided meditation for clearing Chakras using 17 Ascended Master techniques. 


  • Tune Chakras with Special Frequencies, Rhythmic Patterns, Colors, Elements, Emotional Subtle Energies and Affirmations

  • Clear all Chakra layers and dimensions

  • Harmonize and balance all major Chakra levels, including higher energy connections

  • Align Chakra harmonic patterns using vowel sounds, musical instruments and Tibetan bowls

  • Chakras are linked with specific glands - the control centers of your body. Activate and clear the Chakra/gland subtle energy connections.

  • Elevate spirituality through Channeled Subtle Energies of Ascended Masters and Angels

Two meditations - 78 minutes

Tune Chakras with Special Frequencies, Rhythms, Colors, Elements, Subtle Energies, Affirmations, Music & Tibetan Bowls! Clear Chakra Layers, Dimensions, Higher Energies, Tune associated organs/glands.

Secrets were passed down through the Ancient Mystery Schools concerning subtle energy channels within your body, such as the chakras. Initiates in various Schools of Enlightenment, studying under an ascended master, scribed special ways of clearing and balancing the chakras. This CD incorporates many of these long lost methods to deeply clear chakras.

Incorporated into this guided meditation are 17 sound-based methods for chakra clearing from all over the Earth. Sounds add energies associated with chakra clearing. For example, when you are visualizing the color red associated with the root chakra, the sound of the color red is playing in the background. This sound amplifies the energy created by visualizing the color red.

The rhythm, pitch, Tibetan bowl, elemental sound, and syllable associated with each chakra are sounded during the meditation amplifying the power and energy for chakra clearing!

Some of the frequencies are tuning your associated organs and glands! Revitalize front & back chakras! As well as open new chakras above your head to download higher consciousness and improve body mind and emotional energies.Information on Chakras

Think of a chakra as a funnel or a filter. Over time negative emotions and thoughts create sluggish, subtle energy that acts like mud - clogging the filter or chakra. Certain sounds can liquefy the "mud." Chakras electrically reduce subtle high frequencies into a denser rate, which the physical body needs. This increases the flow of vital subtle energy to the organs.

Chakras receive and discharge large amounts of subtle energy. They connect to the smaller nadis. Subtle energies travel on the energy subway system, the nadis. Each nadi vibrates in a specific rhythmic pattern, which when disturbed causes disease.


Subtle energy travels along the nadis to nourish body organs. The main nadi of this system runs along the spinal cord. This flow amplifies or sedates organs and body systems. It also clears energy blockages, which can be problematic.

According to Fabien Maman, acupuncture meridians and the nervous system receive energy and then transform it chemically. Once an energetic message has circulated through the chakras, meridians, nervous system and blood, it becomes a neuropeptide receptor. Tiny neuropeptides record messages. Neuropeptides each have a different frequency, just like musical notes.

All of this and much more, plus healing frequencies associated with the chakras, are in this chakra meditation – tremendously powerful!

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