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Each Crystal Skull is hand-carved, so each one is unique.

Extra Large Crystal Skull

  • About 5-6 pounds

  • About 5.5 inches tall

  • About 7.5 inches diagonal

  • Quartz Crystal - The Master Healer

  • Absolutely Powerful!

Geode Standard Size

4.5 inches diagonal, 3 inches high, about 1.3 pounds

Geodes - Mini

2.5 inches high, 3.5 diagonal, about 10 - 12 ounces

About Geode Skulls

The Geode skulls are made of geode agate. the crystals inside are naturally formed. They are composed of many minerals and crystals, such as amethyst geodes. They are quite rare. 
On the Geode skulls, Jill will channel the skull's energy and have the specific geode skulls select you!

About Skulls
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