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DNA Dreams

~Sounds of your Genetic Codex~

The Music is made available to you to tune your DNA AND to allow you to make an informed vote at the COVR Competition for Best Sound healing CD!

Thank You for Voting

Click on each song to listen!


As a gift, download the entire digital CD!

Above the CD cover - on the left - is the download button.

If for any reason, you have troubles, email me at and I will email you my ccopy of the CD!

Sound Healing with DNA Dreams


In DNA Dreams ~ Sounds of our Genetic Codex~  Mattson has identified and extracted the precise frequencies of key components of our DNA blueprint. She has structured a complex audio creation containing the sound frequencies of the four building blocks of our DNA: Adenine, Thymine, Cytosine, and Guanine. 

Also included is Uracil (for RNA), frequencies of the elements Phosphors, Oxygen, Carbon, and Nitrogen.


Intertwined with the complex multileveled compositions are spiral Fibonacci Tones which lift the listener upward, quickening their energies.


Binding everything together is a unique musical score that resonates and harmonizes with the natural frequencies of one of nature's greatest marvels - The Secret of Life - DNA.


Altogether a memorable experience.


There are MANY categories with products up for the voting in the COVR competition. All categories must be completed for your ballot to be counted. 

You can check "None of the above" for any categories that you are not interested in. 

C.O.V.R stands for Coalition of Visionary Resources.

It is a non-profit trade organization to support the Mind Body Spirit industry. 

Jill competes in the COVR in an effort to spread the benefits of Sound Healing to the world!

Sound Healing can uplift our world in so many ways! Can you help her spread the word?


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