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Drumming to Heal &  Transform

  • Use these Drums to Heal, Transform, Balance

  • Strengthen your Nervous System

  • Go on a vision quest to find answers,

  • Amplify your Prayers


See Instructional Videos below! 

8 tongue azure.jpg
14 tongue gold head on shot.jpg
11 tongue gold.jpg
11 tongue graybalck.jpg
8 tpngue black gray.jpg
8 tongue gold.jpg

All 8 Tongue, 11 Tongue  and 14 Tongues Steel Drums

              Click Below to get your Drum!

14 Inch Butterfly Steel Tone Drum with 14 Notes

Use the percussive element of this drum to slow down your brainwaves to enter an altered consciousness. From here, your body heals quicker. You can seek answers to difficult questions from this state of consciousness as well. Learn about entrainment – the use of rhythms to alter brain wave states.

Next, learn to use this drum's pitches to select past life memories in a prescriptive way to relieve today's current problems.

Give your nervous system an enlivening workout with this healing method of drumming and body entrainment!

Learn about sound as a carrier wave. Sound combines with and amplifies Feelings and prayers. Use a drum to carry intent and feelings in between words.

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