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Addressing Pandemic Threats:  Lack of Forethought or Man-Made Crisis of Deliberate Proportions?


The small Appalachian research facility is publicly distributing Ebola-Zaire BioMarker information in the hope of collecting data to mitigate the pandemic threat using frequency-based Star Trek Proficiency.  The results have the potential to guide and identify the threatened pandemic while creating a space-age, math-based medicine resolution to manage wellness.


Albany, Ohio – August 8, 2019, The Institute of BioAcoustic Biology is only one facility that has warned of disastrous pandemic threats resulting from resistant Superbugs combined with no significant strategies to handle such a massive threat.

Such a scenario is unfolding fast in the Democratic Republic of Congo; a complete meltdown of the health system as officials attempt to deal with the crisis of Ebola: Zaire. Ebola fever is an infectious and generally fatal disease, discernible by fever and severe internal bleeding; spread through contact with infected body fluids.

Perceived as untreatable, an Ebola infiltration has no known cure; but is that so?  Many claim that the “cures” are being withheld by those in authority; others tout nutritional remedies.

For many years, a small research institute in Ohio, USA, the Institute of BioAcoustic Biology & Sound Health, has been researching the use of low-frequency sound to influence the eradication of such invaders, such as Herpes, Epstein Barr, Candida, Chlamydia Pneumonia, colds, flu, sinus and bronchial

Is this wretched response an inadvertent lack of preparation or a man-made crisis of epic proportions designed as a financial bonanza to accomplish a deliberate “culling of useless eaters”? 


These studies concluded that each pathogen has a unique set of frequency-based patterns of Genes, Proteins, and Activators.  For example, a measles Gene is passed from one person to the next.  The microbe establishes a colony conjointly with the host, a human body, causing a release of toxins which creates an inflammatory response. The lack of Vitamin C might be seen as an Activator for the common cold.

For several years, the Institute has publicly released math-based antidotes correlating the information with each flu strain announced by the US Center for Disease Control (CDC.)  Each year, the frequencies associated with upcoming flu threats seem to display more sophisticated mathematical properties. 

Nature-made pathogens appear to have diffused patterns of unrelated frequencies while man-made pathogens have a more fixed pattern; making them identifiable as synthetic. In the past, this lack of consistent patterning allowed for the extrapolation and creation of uncomplicated frequency-based antidotes which were tested with encouraging results.

The present strains of Ebola that are reported to have no cure have been decoded by the BioAcoustic Biology Institute.  The bio-frequency extrapolations - that would allow the creation of simple math-based antidotes - were not possible.  The seemingly unnatural math permutations thwarted a simple solution. That is not to say that no potential frequency-based antidotes are possible; quite the contrary- the approach just needs to be a bit more creative and visionary.  

It is obvious that over the last few years the CDC flu recommendations have “changed” to create a unique situation:  The Antidote for one type of flu has become the Activator of a different strain for that same year; making it impossible to use a straightforward computation to create a numeric antidote.  If someone is attempting to prevent a frequency-based solution, this would be a perfect scheme.

Extrapolation from previous results provide no absolute proof but based on previous experience, the frequency biomarkers decoded for several current strains of Ebola should provide an extraordinary path  to provide efficacy. 

A more comprehensive understanding of human biology, using frequency as a basis, may quickly move humanity toward space-age resolutions if this modality can be validated on a large scale.  Access to a Level IV facility will be necessary to confirm efficacy.  If what has been demonstrated with previous pathogens can be integrated using the Ebola biomarkers, this protocol may lay an appropriate

Many researchers warned that superbugs were inevitable; a total different avenue to defend against them must be put in place.  What is happening to our planet with the surge of Ebola needs to be met with extraordinary measures that do not further jeopardize our health or genetic make-up.   At present, there is an overall failure of those in authority to take charge of the situation, contain it and keep the populace safe.  The answer seems to be beyond the boundaries of conventional science.

The Institute of BioAcoustic Biology has agreed to freely distribute these Rife determined frequency-based antidotes with any country or legitimate agency that has the authority and expertise to test the theories.  Additionally, as a remedy against these present threats emerges, the potential to remediate any issues using math as medicine may evolve.

For the moment and for legal reasons, we have published an abbreviated version of the Gene, Activator and Protein strains that are appropriate for the public.  Antidotes are factors that could BioAcoustically remedy the intrusion by any of the strains.  Competitors compete with the pathogens for metabolic dominance. 

A chart was compiled using the sequencing patterns of a recent outbreak of Zaire Ebola strains. BioAcoustically speaking, these frequencies, in combination, primarily seek to optimize immune, liver and kidney issues.  We limited the Antidotes and Competitors listings to substances that would be readily available to the public.

Efficacy has not been established using this protocol. WARNING:


Do not use these frequencies if you do not have complete confidence in what you are doing. Absolutely do not use these frequencies unless you have the support of an expert who knows how to appropriately use Rife-Based Frequency Equivalent™ (FE) Antidotes.


Some of the reasons that allow the proposition that these new strains may be man-made are listed below.  Perhaps it is all coincidence!

< >One of the Ebola Strain Proteins is the same FE* as a Hemophiliac Gene (Hemophilia is a bleeding disorder which acts similarly to Ebola symptoms). Fibrin (involved in blood clotting) is the same FE* as the competitor of the Strain 47 Protein. Fibrinogen (helps support blood clotting) is the same Frequency Equivalent™ of the Antidote frequency for Strain 48. The FE™ Antidote of Ebola Strain 49 is the Activator of the Ebola Gene frequency, indicating that providing a frequency-based antidote of Strain 49 may activate the Ebola Gene itself.

Duke Encyclopedia of New Medicine, 2006, compiled by the Center for Integrative Medicine at Duke University, pp 566. ©Sharry Edwards™ August 8, 2019

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