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Energy Healing for the Immune System

"The energies knocked me out and sent me into a different state. I am moving forward in a less stressed, more balanced way of being and I am bringing more light and healing into our 3D chaos, Love, and light always." Catherine

Since so many people are out of work, this video is made free. If you are able, please donate for energy healing!

To go along with the Frequencies for Defense, here is an energy healing session. What is energy healing? It is a very subtle, yet deep energy movement. If you are sensitive you feel it. It establishes flow and balance in your energy system, as acupuncture does.


Energy Healing with the Masters


Join Jill for a powerful 90-Minute session where she will guide YOU through a transformative session as she channels healing energies and frequencies from the Ancient Masters. The Masters and Angels delivering powerful energy work and clearings to YOU and YOUR BODY as channeled through Jill are:


St. Germain - Harmonic Healing


Jesus - Build subtle energy of nutrients to enhance the immune system: glutathione, quercetin, oxygen, zinc, vitamin C


Arch Angel Michael - Strengthening the subtle energy of white blood cells and antibodies. Tuning energy of the lymph system, energetically clearing filter and fluids


Arch Angel Gabriel - Strengthening our bone marrow's subtle energy that produces white blood cells and lymphocytes.


Metatron - Energy healing from other dimensions.


Melchizadek - Balancing quantum-entangled subtle energy.

"Thank you for this… It felt great!" SK


"Hi Jill, I had remarkable results from the energy work. I've had NO migraine headaches and NO neck pain that I have had for 20 years. This 20-year pain is gone. Thank you," Kelly. "Jill, dear one, amazing call. I was in extreme pain when I listened. I felt healing immediately and this morning I am at ease and well. Much love and blessings for all you do! XO: M.R. 

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