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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will these sounds get rid of the coronavirus? NO. There currently are no effective tones to get rid of the coronavirus. The tones in this music add to the sound energy of your immune system. By bolstering your immune system, you are better equipped to fight the coronavirus. Optimum results would be a nearly undetectable illness.

  • Do I need headphones? For the best results, yes! The sounds are presented in binaural beats, which entrain the brain. This helps the body incorporate these sounds. The music works without headphones, but it will be weaker, so listen longer. 

  • How long do I listen? At least once or twice a day. The music can be quietly playing in the background. Each person is different in how he or she responds to sound. If your heartbeat accelerates, more than ten cycles per second, then that sound is not suitable for you. If the standard heart rate decreases, the sound is likely okay. Even better, use a pulse oximeter. Oxygen should increase if the sound is appropriate. Use it at your own risk.

  • What sounds are Sharry's healing frequencies? The frequencies to support your immune harmony are low volume sounds in the background of the music. The same healing frequencies are in the background of each song. They are undetectable to the normal human sense of hearing.

  • Q:  Can too much glutathione hurt a human?

      Sharry's A: Several medical based articles on the internet say, yes, BUT it is not likely unless you are using injected glutathione. Your body should not make too much glutathione (from other amino acids – cysteine, glycine, and glutamate), but artificial glutathione might become an overdose on rare occasions. It might also be an issue if you have a problem with your glutathione receptors (see Amy Yasko's book on methylation).

  • Q:  Do you recommend Antiviral for the Corona flu?  Any flu? Sharry's A:  I have no medical training.  Legally I cannot prescribe any medication, but we have successfully been running experiments providing pain relief via frequencies based on pain medications. We may run out of medications, but we will certainly NOT run out of frequency. 

  1. (oseltamivir)  - note of D#

  2. (baloxavair Marboxil) – note of D

  3. Tylenol (acetaminophen) - note of D

  4. Relenza (Zanamivir)  - note of E

  5. Remdesivir (GS -5734) a note of D

  6. *Brief Guide to Antiviral Drugs =

You can use the nanoVoice evaluation on the front page of to determine what notes you have high or low.  A low note will usually signal that your body will take on that medication more readily.

  •  What vitamins do you recommend for getting over the flu? 

Sharry's A: Legally, I can't recommend anything. I use supplements that support our natural immune system: Vits C & D, glutathione, glycine, glutamate, sulfur, selenium, bioflavonoids (Quercetin), - many more can be found online.

  • How is 5G associated with any of this?

Sharry's A:  I don't think anyone knows that answer for sure but a BioAcoustic Practitioner, Robert O'Leary, JD wrote an article about last year that was published in Nexus Magazine. The article posed a strong relationship between 5G and pathogens.  NEXUS ARTICLE

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