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Donations to offset the costs of getting this information out to as many people as possible are appreciated! Thank you for your generosity. 

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I will also send you an hour of awesome free sound healing mp3s and sound healing information. You may unsubscribe at any time. 
These songs are also offered on as well as YouTube/Jill Mattson.
For Best Results use with Headphones
Listen 1-2 Times a Day
To download the entire music collection of 18 tracks at once, click on Download Album. Individual tracks may also be downloaded: Click on the individual tracks. 
When many people download at once, there can be problems with downloading. To alleviate this, there are three places to download: below, this site under the corona tab above. and at (WAV and MP3 files are available here). 

This download is not set up to work with Apple phones. If you want the music on your iPhone, go to to download!

In 2022 Sharry Edwards has observed variation of the coronavirus and created additional frequencies to build the body’s harmonic immune response. In addition, Jill Mattson has added these frequencies to her healing music!


Additional frequencies in the Deep Healing Music Collection include the frequency-equivalent™ of:

  • Co Q 10 – this supplement aides heart disease, supports ATP, helps reduce moderate inflammation and free radicals

  • Oxygen – Oxygen has been used to aid breathing with respiratory issues

  • Iron - Iron is a mineral present in foods, a component of hemoglobin, an erythrocyte (red blood cell) protein that transfers oxygen from the lungs to the tissues

  • Quercetin – a flavonoid from fruits and vegetables, boosts the immune system

  • Erythropoietin – stimulates red blood cell production and supports kidneys

  • Ivermectin – two strains of this medication that kills parasites

  • Heart – a healthy heart frequency

  • Germanium – supports the immune system, the oxygen supply in the body and destroys free radicals. 

  • Protein Kinase – an enzyme that supports ATP and phosphate metabolism, cell signaling, protein regulation, cell transport, and secretory processes

  • ATP –  is an organic compound  that provides energy to drive many processes in living cells

  • Adrenalin – a hormone that supports circulation/breathing

  • Vitamin D – supports bones, intestines, the heart, and the immune system

  • Zinc – helps wound-healing, immune system, helps make proteins and DNA. ‌‌Zinc has also been shown to improve a cold: 

  • Luteolin – a flavonoid that performs anti-oxidant and anti-inflammation processes

  • Cellular inflammation is generally associated with the process to keep our bodies healthy but excess inflammation can be life threatening and is linked to a plethora of diseases:  coronary issues, immune disorders, arthritis, connective tissue disease, muscle disorders, respiration stress, digestion faults, brain dysfunction, detox blockage, diabetes, sleep disturbance, dopamine pathways, energy cycles, mitochondria DNA, reproduction, cancer provocation… 

  • Researchers at the University of Tübingen in Germany have identified an enzyme that could be used as a biological gauge regulating inflammation in the human body.

  • Many herbs and foods are listed online as being anti-inflammatory:  Quinine, turmeric, ginger, berberine. 

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