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Change your Life with Music!

Jill's Wings Of Light is dedicated to the sharing and advancement of Sound Healing and strives to spread awareness and knowledge of the many novel uses of Sound Energy for the benefit of mankind. This website reveals Sound Healing techniques that have been used for growth and enlightenment throughout the ages. Uniquely, Mattson combines information of ancient origins with modern scientific findings to present innovative paths to restored health and vitality, emotional strength, balance, intelligence, and higher consciousness.

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Brand New Release!

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An experience, unlike anything you have ever felt before…. Certain words possess great power, as do special Frequencies of Sound. This work has BOTH.

Bask and soak in the pure divine energy produced from sounding God’s Names in a long-extinct language. Mattson has recaptured Divine Aspects of God, encapsulated in 72 Names, each linked intimately with an Angel. Each essence of God is expressed in an ancient Sound Code of four unique tones. Pitch and pronunciation are faithful to the original.


With the enunciation of each Name, a powerful wave of energy emanates forth. Each of the 72 invocations expresses a divine attribute of God and connects to a dedicated Angel - who embodies the blessing. Receive and reset Godly Virtues, such as Great Compassion, Faith, Strength, Forgiveness … 72 in all. Nourish your soul and elevate your energy and well-being in unrivaled pristine energy from the Lord.

61 Minutes total contained in 9 tracks.

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