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Ancient Sounds ~ Modern Healing

New Insights from New Masters

Widely diverse theories on the nature of our universe agree in one intriguing aspect - everything in life has a vibrational component. Masters and visionaries throughout time - from Edgar Cayce to Stephen Hawking, mystics from Ancient Egypt and India to our Deepak Chopra - share the basic tenet that at the most fundamental level, all inanimate matter and all living systems are particle and wave (matter and energy).

The modern physicist cannot explain the behavior of a fundamental subatomic particle, such as the electron, without invoking a wave nature. Researchers into the body’s subtle-energy systems speak of the intricate marriage of matter and energy. A compelling picture is emerging that paints the human organism as a complex of interacting subtle-energy systems. This knowledge has made external adjustment and rebalancing of these subtle-energy fields possible. Some people firmly believe that by applying the appropriate vibrational energy, the subtle-energy states can be returned to the proper balance - restoring health and wellbeing. This understanding is the basis of many ancient healing traditions, such as acupuncture. More recently, creative healers have found that sound waves adjust the subtle-energy fields, producing a myriad of related benefits. This insight into the influential, omniscient role of vibrational energy in our universe will someday yield a complete explanation of why sound is capable of producing profound transformations in our consciousness and our bodies. However, we need not wait to enjoy the tremendous powers of sound - the benefits of these wonders are available today!

This phenomenon, aka Sound Healing or Vibrational Medicine, sometimes referred to as Human BioAcoustics, is probably the most exciting new frontier in Alternative Healing. Beginning long ago with the Ancients to modern-day Masters such as France’s Alfred Tomatis to our own Sharry Edwards, widely varying techniques utilizing unique sound frequencies have produced remarkable results. Sound is being successfully employed to: remedy many physical ailments, expand consciousness, enhance intelligence, and provide soothing calm for emotional and spiritual needs.

Jill Mattson has intensely studied Ancient Civilizations and Secret Societies and their use of sound as a powerful tool. She has worked closely with modern researchers and medical professionals in her quest to understand the vast power and healing potential of sound. A survey of some of these wondrous works is an excellent means to get acquainted with the numerous benefits and varied techniques of Sound Healing.

Sharry Edward’s life and work reveal that particular nano frequencies can be detected within our voices and emanating from our bodies. These minute sounds give clues to our physical and mental states of being. Many believe that these sounds indicate whether the body’s subtle-energy forces are in proper balance or out-of-harmony. Sharry discovered that by carefully applying the appropriate frequencies, harmony is restored to the subtle-energy systems; the corresponding optimum spiritual and mental states are also created to empower healing and growth.

Edwards innately recognized that specific sounds correlated to physical issues. She was born blessed with an extraordinary sense of hearing, which was significantly enhanced after a near-death experience. This remarkable sense of hearing was responsible for Sharry’s first encounters with the enormous potential of sound. She first experimented, creating harmonizing tones with her voice to alleviate the discordant sounds she perceived. She developed the ability to produce extraordinary sine wave sound frequencies with her voice alone—Contrast Sharry’s ability with a person who is deaf from birth. A deaf person cannot naturally develop the ability to speak - Sharry learned to use her voice in superhuman ways, guided by her remarkable sense of hearing. Analogously, dolphins can receive (and transmit) sound frequencies about ten times greater than the range of the average human ear. This ultrasonic ability gives the dolphin critical information about the complex world around them. They also can communicate advanced information at great distances.

In vastly diverse examples, Edwards was able to help people suffering from glaucoma, emphysema, and traumatic muscular-skeleton injuries. She gave these people sound generators that produce frequencies tailored to their afflictions. After regularly listening to the sound generators, these people showed remarkable improvement in their respective abilities to see and breathe; tissue and bone were regenerated, restoring the ability to walk and function normally. I have personally experienced the incredible ability of sound to empower the body to heal itself. I have long suffered from shingles. In my case, the viral outbreak occurs around my mouth and lips. It is excruciating, as you can imagine. For years I suffered for 4 or 5 weeks at a time with each shingles attack. With Sharry’s guidance, I listened to specific frequencies aimed at strengthening my body’s subtle-energy fields and fighting the shingles virus - the results have been amazing. Today when I feel the onset of a shingles attack, I listen to the tones, and my symptoms decrease in a day or two - as compared to previously enduring a month or more of misery.

Dr. Alfred Tomatis was a French ear, nose, and throat specialist. He became interested in the role of “active listening” as it related to human development and healing. Tomatis’ work showed that there is a critical distinction between “hearing” and “listening.” Tomatis invented the “electronic ear” to enable us to hear “missing” frequencies due to compromised or damaged ear cilia (small hairs instrumental in hearing specific frequencies). Sometimes ear cilia were injured or lacking due to physical or emotional injuries. The use of this electronic ear strengthened or even regenerated ear cilia.

Similar to Edwards above, Tomatis believed that the voice is a critical influence to provide wellbeing in the brain, body, and consciousness of each of us. By rebuilding a person’s ability to hear missing frequencies, the voice and body regain frequencies that were previously absent. A full, healthy voice provides holistic positive effects on a person. According to this work, the voice plays a crucial part in self-healing. Tomatis has also developed an elaborate program to rehabilitate our listening capabilities and heal the connected emotional, intellectual, and spiritual needs and faculties.

Robert Monroe (1915 – 1995) was another pioneer in the use of special sound frequencies. Monroe was an insatiably curious man who began his work experimenting with how people could learn while they were sleeping. This experience introduced him to the power that specific sound frequencies exhibited; appropriate frequencies would put people into a deep delta brain wave sleep.

Monroe tried new frequencies on himself - too often surprising results. He was able to achieve out-of-body experiences when listening to certain frequencies. Monroe wrote his first of three books, Journey Out of Body, documenting in great detail his OB experiences and efforts to validate his observations. Ultimately Monroe’s life’s work produced the Hemi-Sync Process TM.

Monroe’s Hemi-Sync Process TM is a sound experience designed to provide the listener with a combination of frequencies that produce a desired state of consciousness; Hemi-Sync produces brain wave states which foster self-awareness and enhance self-knowing and reconnection. Hemi-Sync provides positive resonance in the brain; the related vibrating patterns of the brain create brainwaves associated with individual states of consciousness. In this way, listeners enjoy states of consciousness – such as deep meditation, which they may not otherwise be able to achieve. Others gain great skill at quickly achieving specific mental states and experiences or enhanced healing and conflict resolution.

David Hulse, the founder of SomaEnergeticsTM, feels that all matter is slowed-down vibration and that subatomic particles are not material stuff. He believes that music is the key to unlock the universe. Hulse has studied the Solfeggio scale from Horowitz and Puleo’s Healing Codes for Biological Apocalypse for enlightenment. This book reveals a particular pattern of numbers encoded in the Biblical Numbers 7:12 – 89. Once converted into frequencies, this pattern has demonstrated great healing qualities.

Hulse has produced specialized tuning forks to reproduce the ancient Solfeggio tones accurately. These tuning forks are the basis for the SomaEnergeticsTM techniques to balance and restore our energies. Hulse has carefully mapped the body, and he detects and corrects dissonances that clients claim change their lives. Hulse’s SomaEnergeticsTM can bring about profound emotional and spiritual healing to a person as well as general physical improvements.

Sound Healing is an alternative healing discipline increasing in popularity. Many of these principles that are new to us have been around since ancient times. The early Egyptians knew of the power of sound. Ancient Egyptian tombs and chambers used the mathematics of old musical scales and ratios. The most commonly used dimensional proportions found in Egyptian temples correspond to harmonious musical intervals. There are reports that some rooms in Egyptian tombs will reverberate wondrously when certain music is played in these rooms. Every stone and block in the tomb chamber plays back the music in an astonishing way.

In the Egyptian temple of Denderah, dedicated to Goddess Hathor (Goddess of Music and Fertility), there are many drawings of musicians. Hieroglyphics on the wall read, “The sky and its stars are singing in you.” It is fitting to reflect that many ancient scholars and scientists have concluded that music is embedded in the very fabric of the planets and heavens. Indeed the singing of the cosmos reveals the more profound unity and oneness of all creation, all vibration!

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