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Loving your Savior

We pray to our beloved Savior. His name may be Jesus, Buddha, or Mohammed. Religious people across the world seek “higher help” – assistance from a more evolved being, one who can control matter to a higher degree. Many people from temples, churches, and mosques to come together and seek divine assistance. From saviors, saints, angels, ascended masters to more evolved extraterrestrials, people reach out to receive help. I would love someone to touch me and have my sight improved, for example - what a gift.

When we receive a gift, it is like spending money. Conversely, when we do the giving, we ignite the “sow what you reap” phenomenon in motion, like creating wealth in the bank. Whether we call it karma or “what goes around comes around”, what-we-give is who-we-are. Wouldn’t it be better to heal ourselves rather than ask for help from a beloved savior? Better yet, can we heal others? How much do we impact others by loving them?

In the distant future, humanity may be more evolved. The future can seem far away, but many say that “All of time is happening at once”, even though we are only aware - moment by moment. Can a young person connect with him or herself in the future? Can we ask for help from our future self?

In our memory, we can reach back into our childhood, feel love now, and send it to the little child of yesteryear. Even if a change occurs only in our memory, we are improved today. We have better memories because we helped ourselves in the past. Our memories influence our decisions and feelings today. We elevate our perceptions and emotions right now. Our energies have upgraded. Why can’t our future self do the same thing? Perhaps we just have to ask.

Most people learn lessons from life’s challenges. They transform from reckless optimism to stable cautiousness. Can we share these opposing yet balancing energies through youth and old age?

People think about the significance of coincidences, not just attributing them to chance. When a twist of fate occurs, is someone orchestrating that? When we feel terrific about something or have a bad feeling – are we warned to avoid or seek something? Where did that message come from?

Is there a savior, that is us in another level, dimension, or reality? Can this part of ourselves - the highest and the best version of ourselves, direct us in ways that we didn’t even know were possible for us? Can we actively seek the best in ourselves and receive this energy, advice, and support?

I love working with saviors and have benefited tremendously from these experiences. I am respectful and grateful. They have “saved” me many times. I continue to honor and enjoy my Saviors.

When I continuously help others, and I see them learning to help themselves, I feel uplifted and feel that my gift is worthwhile. When others keep coming back to me for more, I often feel used. Surely my Savior would prefer that I help myself and others rather than continually praying for more gifts? When I honor the best in me, I honor my Savior. My Savior must feel beautiful when I learn the ways of my best self and help not only myself but those around me.

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