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Spying on Subconscious Feelings!

Updated: Aug 16, 2020

We spend our formative years in school, developing our rational minds, but our emotions receive no formal attention. High divorce rates, job loss, employment stress, accidents, deaths, and health issues challenge emotional health.

Yet, we stubbornly treat the development of our emotions as a low priority. Perhaps since emotions are invisible, they are treated as if they don’t exist. Meanwhile, emotions affect the bottom line of our health, happiness, and well-being.

Sharry Edwards, a pioneer in sound healing, developed a system to monitor emotions, even the subconscious ones! Sharry has gifted us with a frequency-based personality profiler, the nanoVoice.

Usually, we are clueless about subconscious feelings. Sages throughout history report how difficult it is to “know thyself,” but these wise sages did not have access to Edward’s multifaceted nanoVoice. Today we shall investigate its ability to reveal subconscious emotions.

Many of our moods hide underneath layers of pain. We experience complex thoughts, feelings, and behaviors but are only fully conscious of one element at a time. We subjugate feelings when we are occupied with other things. This underground emotional energy creates emotional habits. Since our minds process only one action at a time, feelings are processed below our consciousness. It is not only the unpleasant feelings that we deny but also the deep levels of feeling that we experience all day long.

The nanoVoice graphs our emotions.

Our feelings go underground far more than we suspect:

· People unknowingly project their subliminal feelings onto others. For example, a person withdraws, not allowing anyone to get close while he perceives that others have abandoned him.

· We clothe dark feelings in an acceptable light. Anger is often disguised as a righteous reaction.

· Subconscious expectations set up interpersonal difficulties. For example, we do not voice our expectations, yet we are wounded when they are not met.

· Unconscious feelings can trigger other people’s behavior. For example, Bob believes that he is “no good” and radiates this feeling. Those nearby feel this energy, subconsciously pick up on it and act accordingly. Subtly Bob conditioned others to treat him with low regard.

· A person is rarely aware that his ego directs situations. When we are not conscious of it, our ego is extraordinarily hard to manage.

Negative emotions spread to those nearby. Just like second-hand smoke inflicts damage, so do our toxic emotions. Yet, we steadfastly believe that we can hide our feelings without any impact on others.

Edwards created the nanoVoice,” giving us inner knowledge so we can better navigate emotional challenges. It unveils confusion, sheds light on indecision, and depicts ego issues. These revelations enable us to acknowledge and release negative emotional habits. Hats off to Sharry Edwards for this incredible gift!

You create dis-harmony within yourself when you lie. Sharry has learned that the presence of E and A# in your voice correlates to dissonance. The lie may only be a small volume in comparison to everything else in your body, so this sound is subtle. You feel this subtlety when you meet someone, and you get “bad” feelings.

Lying is more expansive than not being truthful. For example, I have been taught to be polite and kind. So, if someone asks me if I mind something (that I don’t like), I say no problem. I think I am being kind, not lying. I believe that I am doing the right thing. Technically I just lied, and this type of lack of truth is in the body.

The truth sets you free. Your body sings with health, vibrancy, and natural harmony when you are deeply truthful, authentic, and face all of the feelings that you have hidden from yourself.

NanoVoice can reveal issues that you have subconsciously hidden from yourself because they are painful. It is hard to fix something that you don’t even know that you have. Ancient masters knew how hard it is to know yourself, especially when our subconscious mind hides painful feelings. We are not even aware that negative emotions have been stashed away in our bodies.

This incredible software enables us to free ourselves of old hurts by recognizing them and releasing them. We can become more present, with less pain. When we have too much pain, our bodies numb up. Unfortunately, we numb up across the board. We may not feel our pain so much, but we don’t feel our joy either. We live in a time of turbulent troubles and exciting wonders. It is incredible what can be done with the NanoVoice.


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