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Proposing a Third Spoke of Health

by Sharry Edwards

What do smart meters, cell phones, Starlings, dowsing, 5G,Fukushima fall-out and C.ovid-19 all have in common?

All are associated with iron metabolism (cryptochrome) – a magnetic potential protein of the body of living organisms

One cannot prove that creativity is a thing or actuality.  Only by outcomes can creativity be demonstrated to exist.  Such is the dilemma of self-healing.  What is the mechanism by which the body heals itself?  Throughout history, mankind in his quest to solve this conundrum has attempted to describe our life force as prana, chi, the aura, the biofield (to name a few), but only acupuncture has even come close to explaining the energy system of the body.  Even then there is no accepted “system” that can adequately explain the core of our animation and self-healing ability.

Some people have an intrinsic navigational ability like fish, whales, and birds, such as starlings.  These animals have the ability to innately align with the earth’s gravitational field, which they use to navigate long distances.  To do this they use a protein, cryptochrome, located in the eye and brain.  Cryptochrome is an ancient protein. In most cases, these proteins control daily rhythms using magnetic iron alignments to create optimal form and function. Humans, for example, have two cryptochromes – CRY1 and CRY2 – which help to control our body clocks and responses to magnetic fields. But Lauren Foley from the University of Massachusetts Medical School has found that CRY2 can double as a magnetic sensor.  If something has an electrical field; it automatically has a magnetic field.  Studies at the Institute of BioAcoustic Biology show that the body’s iron alignment, akin to the earth iron core, has a great deal to do with the body’s self-healing and intuitive ability.  We have postulated for the last few decades that the body needs a frequency (brain related) and a specific rhythm (heart related) to monitor and initiate self-healing.  Why not a third component, cellular core alignment – much like the core alignment of the earth – why not as above, so below?  Entertain the idea that each cell has a cellular alignment– a core that is managed by iron and magnetics.  When the core is not balanced, the body is misaligned with the earth’s environment and dis-ease results.  In the early days, we had “canaries’ to warn of danger (coalminers used canaries to monitor for bad gas within a mine).  Today, we have cellular core canaries – people who can’t wear a watch, use cell phones or tolerate smart meters.

For psychics and especially dowsers, cryptochrome is specifically important for attunement to the earth’s magnetic fields. Two biochemicals must be in involved in order for dowsers to operate at peak efficiency:  cryptochrome (note of D) and adenyl cyclase (Note of C#).  Iron if too low may lead to sensitivity that is not necessarily accurate. – In the case of the starlings, thei rbrain’s navigational apparatus’ was interrupted.  They lost their sense of direction.  The bird’s cryptochrome had been interrupted by the 5G towe remissions.

Human BioAcoustics has not been able to establish a coherent, acceptable proof of self-healing over the last three decades simply because no such paradigm seems to exist. However, incredible, seemingly impossible evidence-based outcomes do exist via BioAcoustic protocols. Watch the video: Breaking the Sound Barriers of Disease –

A recent breakthrough combining the alignment of iron via the interstitium [a structural barrier, such as acell wall or the skin, and internal structures, such as organs, including muscles and the circulatory system] and frequency-based directives from the body show innate intelligence may be a major element in the idea ofself-healing.

This supports the premise that the brain is the body’s central processing unit combined with a powerful neuro-network of nerves on which frequency-based directives are delivered for implementation; but from where are these directives conceived and directed?

In 2000, the Sound Health Institute published an essay that warned of approaching superbugs and offered a solution(Link: based on what was thought to be a veryesoteric talent.  That “talent” [of being able to hear sounds that others could not perceive] has been tested in university and military labs and was thought to be a mutation of the ear’s hearing apparatus.

In August 2019, one of our BioAcoustic Providers, Robert O’Leary, JD, published a paper concerning cellular iron damage, BioAcoustics, superbugs and 5G towers.

In January 2020, the Institute began to investigate the coronavirus (C.ovid-19).  We found that the superbug was mutating faster than we could mathematically continue.

As we had been doing for many years, we decoded the coronavirus but soon realized [based on our previous extrapolations]that this superbug was like no other.  Every year we publish countervailing frequencies based on the mathematical principles of BioAcoustics. Covid-19 did not fit the pattern we have seen before. In fact, it actually contradicted it.  We published our results here:

We realized that the superbug proteins were mutating in many divergent directions simultaneously.  With this in mind, we decided to approach a different resolution.  Instead of trying to protect against this superbug, why not find a way to protect cells from any pathogenic vulnerable or invasion? A comparison of vocal profiles implicated radiation poisoning as part of the equation.  Those who had more severe symptoms of Covid-19 proved to have elevated BioAcoustically identified radiation biomarkers.

A strong immune support response seemed a reasonable alternative approach instead of a disorganized solution that would need to wait for each new outbreak. Instead of fighting C.ovid-19 or any new flu, why not prepare the body to not allow a pathogenic incursion in the first place? This approach led to two important BioAcoustic formulas that together created the signature frequencies for a combined corona and vitamin C formula set.

We used the formulations with local volunteers who had a version of the flu with labored breathing involvement. The results: acessation of symptoms (cough, congestion), plus it caused dry mouth and loosestool-emulating the symptoms of an overdose of vitamin C.  This frequency formulation relieved and/or significantly improved breathing stress.

We found numeric associations with iron, heme, quercetin, vitamin C, vitamin D, and also indicators that, using our previous math formulation, might awaken frequencies associated with West Nile, AIDS, cancer, toxicity, immune suppression, brain damage, cell death, allergies, and Epstein Barr.

To date, others have been following our protocols and publications, including prestigious higher-learning establishments.  Only days after we announced the that we had created music as a coronavirus antidote (and we providing it to the public via a link -: and, MIT’s Lincoln Lab and Carnegie Mellon, followed suite using our examples. Read article:

A deeper dive into the radiation connection shows that iron and heme are involved; both involved with oxygen at a cellular level and damaging free radicals.  I want to propose that the C.ovid-19superbug and radiation poisoning are actually the stressed depression of cellular oxygen – hypoxia.  Amending the cellular iron-related vulnerability of each cell will go a long way in preventing any pathogen from being able to invade the body. Align the iron in each cell that is involved with DNA repair using iron and our association with earth’s dynamic core and we may have the final component of self-repair.

Look at the body’s use of it iron core, realign that system, and it may be that the body will heal itself. See each cell as a tiny gyroscope that constantly realigns its core-based iron and carbon alignment in sync with the earth itself.

We need frequencies to enjoin the brain, rhythm to engage the heart and iron to provide the stability and communication of our physical and emotional well-being from a mitochondrial cellularperspective.

With a Covid-19 patient’s vocal print involvement, we circled back to iron and the use of iron at a cellular level. Just as our August 2019 paper had predicted, we see the involvement of hypoxiaat a cellular level.

There is software that will allow each person to access a vocal print based on iron balance and availability plus equilibrium stability and radiation impairment on our website – services - CORONA CONFLICTS.  The evaluation includes BioAcoustic evaluations of C.ovid 19, iron, mitochondrial DNA, iron, balance, hypoxia and radiation.

Through the study of BioAcoustics, we have discovered that math is the diagnostic, math is the evidence, math is the proof, math can be the cure—the medicine of the future is now.

Sharry Edwards, MEd., Director

Institute of BioAcoustic Biology & Sound Health


Nexus Magazine, Volume7, Number 6 (October-November2000) or November-December 2000 in the USA only.

Question: Who changed the level of radiationpoisoning that is now considered safe?  How long has the poisoning beengoing on? With 5G, cellphones, Fukushima (Link: – Researchers at the Natural HistoryMuseum in Rotterdam and Wageningen University did autopsies on 15 of thestarlings. From the birds’ internal injuries, the researchers concluded that they had probably died from hittingobjects (possibly the ground, tree branches or each other) at great force.

The exact reason why the birds hit the objectsis not known, but the university suggested that it may have been caused bypanic due to a hunting owl or another disturbance.

They were too ignorant to realize that thebirds’ navigational apparatus’ cryptochrome had been interrupted by the 5Gtower emissions.

©Sharry Edwards™ July 17, 2020

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