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Today’s Feelings are Yesterday's News

We interact with people, notice when they hurt us, or annoy us. We evaluate situations: "I like this and not that". We form judgments and make our choices, but is it that simple?

In an example, Sam went to a Tai restaurant, and since Sam didn't like another Tai restaurant a year ago, Sam is poised not to like this one either. In another situation, Joe lectured Sammany times on the righteousness of his political party. Unknown to Sam, Joe has been minimizing his overzealous opinions. Yet, Sam avoids Joe. If Sam had been open, he and Joe might have enjoyed a great conversation. Somewhere Sam stopped listening to Joe and was unable to register any changes in Joe’s behavior. He is not even aware that he shut the door between Joe and himself.

When we make a choice, we create an imprint in our thinking. We wear our imprinted thinking 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our habits are who we are. We do something a certain way, and in time that is the only way that it is done. Improvements to accomplish this task are wrong. Did we build plexiglass funnels that we can't see, and our thoughts automatically conform to past patterns of past opinions and perceptions? The crazy part is that we are not even conscious of this process.

We get angry with a friend of ours. Hours later, we realize they sounded like someone else who had hurt us. Did we unconsciously react the way we did in the past situation? Did old anger pop up in a second before we were even aware of it? Did we automatically transfer old feelings of resentment to a new condition? We are being automated!

Have we etched resentment into our thinking pattern, and now we are hardwired to see a reason to be resentful no matter what? Resentful is not a choice but a habit, a hardwired thinking pattern.

We love the music that we listened to as a teenager and hate the "junk" young people listen to. We can't derive enjoyment from new music because we already attached pleasure to the oldies. Why do we limit our choices?

How do we clear the cobwebs in our rational thinking and allow ourselves to experience4 the world anew? To make a new choice? Although death stops the old thinking patterns, can we change our minds easier? Can we learn to enjoy a new type of food, person, or experience that we love?

Music allows flexibility and flow of thinking and feeling. Explore a genre that is new to you. Experience music without judgment. Why do your kids like this music? Focus on enabling a fresh emotion to surface with a unique experience.

Step back and observe your habits. What are your emotional and mental patterns? For example, do you want to be angry with every new situation? You must focus on the desired change many times to gain a new habit. Lots of will power required. Put your energy into deciding who you want to be. Then select experiences and options throughout the day that sculpt this person.

We think we are not experiencing emotions when we are doing our taxes, we are not conscious of our feelings, as our attention is on arithmetic and filling out a form. Our feelings are active, whether or not we are aware of them. Our emotions are habits. What we-think-and-feel-all-day-long becomes who we are. Bo breaks. No exceptions. Our feelings are yesterday's news and not reacting to what is going on at the moment. They are stuck energies within. Invisible, but in our face, they are there.

Music comes to the rescue again: cathartic music. The Healing Flower Symphonies creatively take you into the dark side of each emotion (such as impatience versus patience) as a cathartic release – cleansing emotional baggage. Whatever is repressed has power over us; we have been trained since our earliest years to suppress negative emotions. These do not vanish but show up as outward negative energy, such as anger or aggression, or an inward force manifesting as depression, insecurity, or illness.

The antidote is to feel your pain – it allows a release. This is why grieving works. This isn't as frightening or as painful as you think. It will not destroy you. Within a surprisingly brief time, the pain will dissipate. Simply listen to music and let it help you feel free. People overwhelmingly report the release of unpleasant emotional baggage while listening to The Healing Flower Symphonies. Many experienced negative emotions pass out of their energy fields while listening. This is not a pleasant moment. The Healing Flower Symphonies are not for "pansies." Others were not aware of their energy fields but disliked the cathartic music for a brief time. Repeated listening is like peeling an onion – layer after layer of negative energy is removed.

To develop a positive outlook, it is not enough to maintain positive feelings. It won't habitually stick unless you first discharge negativity. We need a catharsis.

The music of The Healing Flower Symphonies transforms negative energy into a virtue, which is a feeling. To make a habit of a virtuous feeling, we must feel it over and over again. What could do that more easily than music? Pick who you want to be and listen to the music that creates those habits. Little to no will power required. No medicine or compounds required. Best of all, it is enjoyable and free.

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