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Enchanting Music With Frequencies of uplifting Flower Essences and Crystal Healings. Bathe in crystalline frequencies dancing in mesmerizing music. Absorb enchanting music embedded with frequencies of uplifting emotions, a dozen flower essences, and twelve crystals!


2017 COVR Award Winner!

Frequency & Transformational Music Gold Award
2017 People’s Choice Award of Music Gold Award
2017 Industry Choice Award for Music Gold Award


The flower music, inspired by exquisite feelings received from the glory of the flower kingdom, delights you with positive emotions - a yummy and transforming state of consciousness. With enough listening repeats, make a habit of these energetic states, slowly transforming your energies to that of a powerful and evolved person.

                                          Feel & Heal! Arise!

The crystal music transports to you to the crystal & fairy realms! Revel in the magic & mysteries of fairies and the wonderful world and power of crystals. Also enjoy musical guest appearances from the water world: whales, dolphins and giant turtles!



  • Impatience – The Flower Essence builds Patience & Peace
  • Scleranthus – The Flower Essence builds Confidence & Ability to Make Decisions
  • Feary Light – Clear, Aventurine & Moonstone Crystals – Emotional Harmony, Relax, Love, Abundance, Joy, Clarity
  • Centaury – The Flower Essence builds Habit of Freely Giving
  • Water violet – The Flower Essence builds Companionship
  • Forest Shadows – Clear, Lepidolite, & Moonstone – Calm, Trust, Acceptance, Emotional Harmony, Relax, Love
  • Clematis – The Flower Essence focuses on Enjoying the Moment
  • The Heron – Clear, Sodalite & Aventurine Crystals – Logic, Intelligence, Abundance, Joy, Clarity
  • Dragon Flies – Clear & Rose Quartz - Unconditional Love
  • Chicory – The Flower Essence builds Giving-Love
  • Cerato – The Flower Essence builds Self-Trust
  • Mimulus – The Flower Essence builds Fearlessness
  • Vervain – The Flower Essence builds Broadmindedness
  • Rock Rose – The Flower Essence builds Courage
  • Gentian – The Flower Essence builds Trust
  • Forest Lullaby – Clear, Carnelian & Garnet Quartz Crystals – Protection, Calm, Vitality, Health, Devotion
  • Ocean Dreams – Clear, Citrine & Amethyst Crystals – Protection, Abundance, Cleanses, Purifies, Transformative,
  • Agrimony – The Flower Essence builds Inner Peace


Fantastic Music with Frequencies of Crystals that bestow:

  • Calmness, Trust, Acceptance, Emotional Harmony, Relaxation & Love (Moonstone, Adventurine & Clear Quartz)
  • Logic, Intelligence, Abundance, Joy & Clarity (Adventurine, Sodalite & Clear Quartz)
  • Unconditional Love (Rose & Clear Quartz)
  • Emotional Harmony, Relaxation, Love, Abundance, Joy & Clarity (Lepidolite, Moonstone & Clear Quartz)
  • Protection, Calm, Vitality, Health & Devotion (Carnelian, Garnet & Clear Quartz)
  • Protection, Abundance, Purity & Transformation (Citrine, Amethyst & ClearQuartz)


Nurturing Flower Music to enhance:

  • Confidence & Ability to Make Decisions (Scleranthus Flowers)
  • Companionship (Water Violets)
  • Freely Giving (Centaury Flowers)
  • Enjoying the Moment (Clematis Flowers)
  • Giving-Love (Chicory Flowers)
  • Self-Trust (Cerato Flowers)
  • Fearlessness (Mimulus Flowers)
  • Broadmindedness  (Vervain Flowers)
  • Courage (Rock Roses)
  • Patience & Peace (Impatience Flowers)
  • Trust (Gentian Flowers)
  • Inner Peace (Agrimony Flowers)


The Flower Music features the delicate frequencies of the 12 Bach Soul Flowers, for balancing and harmonizing your entire emotional field. There is no cathartic release to this music, as found on the Healing Flower Symphonies - just the positive frequencies of the flowers. This makes this music perfect for uplifting the energies of not only yourself but everyone who hears it.

Crystal Realms CD 11. Cerato Flower

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