The Healing Flower Symphonies are a remarkable collection of original compositions containing the vibratory healing benefits of Flower Essences. The two-CD Volumes each contain frequencies for six unique healing flowers. Each flower radiates unique positive energy, such as trust, patience or sincerity. For example, a rose emulates beauty and the daisy feels cheerful. Feelings are contagious, and we can harness flower energy to personally develop positive feelings. To cure the doldrums, pick daisies. To enhance feelings of beauty, listen to the roses.


From primitive tribes in ancient times to modern visionaries such as Dr. Edmund Bach, people have received powerful benefits from ingesting the flower essences. Each flower addresses an important primary positive emotion common to everyone, such as impatience, doubt, demanding love. Each track of the Healing Flower Symphonies provides the healing potential of the associated flower.

In addition to the actual frequencies of twelve flower essences, each track offers powerful, emotionally healing music.


The net effect is the wonderful blessing of the flower essences in a vibratory experience, coupled with a complex musical composition; this both resolves the emotional challenge involved and strengthens the desirable emotional health of the listener.


Soul therapy - by listening to the sounds of flower energy!


Flower Symphony

To Loosen and Clear

To Feel and Build

1. Impatiens  Flower   5:17



2. Vervian  Flower      4:40



3. Cerato  Flower        6:28

Self Doubt

Self Trust

4. Gentian Flower       6:15



5. Chicory Flower       8:45

Demanding Love

Giving Love

6. Mimulus Flower     9:16




Each symphony contains the composite frequency of the actual healing flower. The first half of the symphony is designed to clear negative energies, while the second part builds positive feelings.


Healing Flower Symphonies Vol 2: Impatiens Flower