Activated Small Crystal Skulls ON SALE! About 3.25 H and 4.5 Diagonal, about 1.5 pounds


Own a Real Crystal Skull Crafted in the Tradition of Atlantis


Jill has personally activated these skulls, linking them to the 12 Atlantean temples and skulls of power. See the photos of the sklulls "lighting" up in the activation ceremony!


Skulls are made from naturally clear and white quartz - The Master Healer Crystal. They are hand carved and no two are identical.About 3.25" high, diagonal 4.5". One to 1.5 pounds clear quartz and gem/minerals


 1. Clear-White Crystal Quartz          2. Geode crystal skull  3. Jill's Pick: Mineral/Gem Stone: Striped Jasper, Laboradite, Tiger's Eye, Amazonlite..    


Each skull is connected to the Atlantean skulls by Jill, incorporating the energy of the unique healing mineral of crystal that it is made from.


You may select:

  • Clear Quartz: Amplifies energy and intention. Clear Quartz protects against negativity, attunes to your Higher Self and relieves pain. It is called the "Master of all Healing Crystals", as it magnifies healing vibrations of other crystals.
  • Crystal Skull with a Geode: Experience soft, feminine healing, a deep energy-pocket of Mother Earth with tiny crystals growing within the skull!
  • Multi-Mineral: The skulls are carved from over a dozen crystals and minerals, for example, tigers' eye and jasper. If you desire, Jill will tie into your body's energy and choose between rock quartz, geode, amethyst, crazy lace agate, laborite, green jasper, fluorite, tiger's eye, lapis, moss agate and more.
  • Jill's Pick - Jill will channel your body & let it select your skull. You may email Jill with a suggestion for selection, if you like. (

Small Activated Crystal Skull

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