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Star Dust


Music of the Stars
Lesson Challenging Astrological Energy
Ingest Heavenly Energy


The Star Dust music features the sound frequencies from the stars (planets). The ancient Chinese and Egyptians, thousands of years before Christ, listened to star sounds to help people with challenges from low-level electromagnetic energy coming in from the stars (astrology). In fact, they often referred to their music as playing the stars. Using today's physics, the frequencies of the planets-in-motion in their orbits can be calculated and raised into our hearing range. Using ancient secrets and modern technologies you can listen to the perfect sounds of the stars twinkling in the background of the fluid and ethereal Star Dust Music.


Our physical body is primarily made of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, and nitrogen. The stars are made of these same elements, although we have different proportions. Our bodies and the stars are made out of the same elements! Are we star dust? The stars are composed largely of the elements carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen, which are also transposed into tones and are found twinkling in the background of the Star Dust music. These elements are also found in large quantities in your body! The resonance process (verified by science) enables you to tune these elements in your body, just by listening to these tones! In addition to connecting with recorded ascended master energy, the fluid and ethereal music will lift and elevate your soul!


A French physicist, Joel Sternheimer, discovered sound frequencies of molecules. Joel produced a formula to calculate frequencies for elements in the Periodic Table. So every element has a frequency. Therefore. carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen make frequencies, a song if you will! The stars have a song and so do we!

Joel also learned that amino acids in plants produce songs. We can't hear them, but with his equipment, he can! Joel discovered that when he played back the amino acid's songs to the plant, the plant's growth doubled and increased in resilience to drought and disease. When we sing our song in harmony, we become all that we were meant to be.


The scientific theory of entrainment teaches that a strong vibration, in close proximity, causes the lessor vibration to copy it. This is why the plant growth doubled when it heard its own song, it sang its song - in tune and louder!


When you hear the sounds of the stars (raised up octaves into your hearing range), you can vibrate in harmony with the Songs of the Heavens.


According to Hans Cousto, we can calculate the pitch of a planet if we know the time it takes a planet to complete an orbit: Frequency=1/period. For example, the earth takes 365.24 days to orbit the sun, so the earth's frequency is 1/365.24 days. By doubling the frequency by octaves this note can be heard. We can listen to the sounds of the stars! As you hear the star's vibration, you can vibrate in tune with it. So you can sing the song of the stars and the stars can sing in you! We are in the choir of the "uni-verse," meaning one verse or song.


There is harmony in the heavens!

Star Dust 2. My Children

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