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The MIND'S EYE Sound and Light Machine is the ultimate mind machine that enables the user to achieve a highly desirable brain-wave state, such as meditation or create energy, at the touch of a button.

The Mind's Eye Sound & Light machine is the ultimate tool to transport the user to special brainwave states after only the first use. This device effectively produces highly desirable states of consciousness for the user, such as a deep meditative trance - the ultimate state, in which your body rejuvenates and heals; simultaneously producing transcending and transformative insights.


Tibetan monks spend decades learning these deep meditative techniques, enabling new levels of consciousness and special body control. These same states can be readily obtained by using the MIND'S EYE.

Click here for an article of benefits of different brain wave states that this Sound & Light Machine can give you.

The MIND'S EYE runs 75 programs, each tailored to deliver a specific brain wave state. These programs facilitate emotional and intellectual growth, along with a myriad of personal benefits for the user.

What MIND'S EYE can be used for:

  • Enhanced Learning and Self Development
    Super achievers are powerful learners. And in this information age, knowledge, more than ever, means growth and success. Improve memorization and concentration skills, learn new languages, prepare for tests, and read and comprehend more efficiently. Let the MIND'S EYE Sound and Light machine give you that strategic edge.

  • Import Management & Deep Relaxation
    Managing stress is absolutely essential for physical health and a sense of well-being. And to be an achiever, you need to have the capacity to stay cool under pressure and perform with elegance in challenging situations. By programming your mind to automatically dip into a state of relaxation, a deep meditative state, you can cut a groove that pays off when you least expect it and need it most - in a completely safe, drug-free, and natural way!

  • Creativity & Change
    Synchronize the right and left hemispheres of your brain and unlock the door to creative breakthroughs. Use the VOYAGER Sound and Light machine as a tool to access the state of mind where you are most receptive to creative insights. Develop the capacity to make quantum leaps in thought. Trigger you imagination with a light show like you've never seen before!

  • Increased Energy
    What good would expanded mental awareness, grace under pressure, and accelerated learning be without the energy to take advantage of these improvements? The MIND'S EYE and the GALAXY Sound and Light machines are programmed with sessions to help you tap into this boundless energy.

  • Meditation & Rejuvenating Sleep
    When it's time to sleep, you don't want to toss and turn. The MIND'S EYE Sound and Light machine gently soothes your mind and brings restful sleep naturally, without the use of drugs. It can take years to acquire advanced meditation skills, but not with the MIND'S EYE or GALAXY Sound and Light machine. Within minutes you can achieve deep meditation awareness and states.


This fabulous little computer (Sound & Light Machine) made a huge difference in my life. I believe that I learned psychic skills, which occur when the brain is functioning in theta brain waves, by using this Sound & Light machine. I made a habit (through repetitive uses of it) of going to theta brain waves and now I no longer need the Sound & Light Machine to do this.

If you have trouble meditating, this is the fast lane to obtain deep meditative states. It quickly takes your brain waves to deep theta brain waves! The Tibetan monks have remarked that this technique helps you achieve a deep meditative state in minutes that took them years to achieve.

When your brain is using theta brain waves, your body repairs and creates many biochemicals for health. I felt great after getting extra deep brain wave time by using the Sound & Light Machine.

If this was not enough benefits, I often had trouble sleeping. I used the Sound & Light Machine to produce theta brain waves, where I get the benefits of deep sleep. Often I fell asleep from there, but at other times I just remained in a deep meditative state and it felt almost as good as receiving a good night's sleep.

My friends used this machine to learn quicker and enhance their IQ. Several reported that it lessened the time to learn a language. Another friend used the "change" settings to quit smoking easily. Finally, if you need a little "pick me up," this the energy settings on the Sound & Light Machine made me feel like the Energizer Bunny!

Jill Mattson

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