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A Personal Experience with Sharry

I (Jill Mattson) have had the good fortune to know Sharry Edwards for about 20 years. I got to know her intimately during the early 2000s. As I began to understand the absolutely revolutionary nature of Sharry's BioAcoustics work I decided to write a book on Sharry. I started the research for this book approximately circa mid-2009. (The book was released in 2011 and was called: Secret Sounds ~ Ultimate Healing - it is available on my websites.) Incidentally, talk about life's little ironies, I have been recently working on writing a new edition of this book, which I hope is ready for release later this year. More on that later.

As I studied Sharry's work - and interviewed person-after-person who had their own amazing "Sharry story" - I knew this was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. During this period, I dug in hard trying to learn everything that I could and I even attended Sharry's week-long training course in Albany Ohio. Well, the main point is that I got to know Sharry extremely well and I gained what I believe is a pretty unique insight into this person and her groundbreaking work.

As important as all of my research and time spent with Sharry and her Company associates were - a personal event happened in 2010 that took my regard for Sharry and her work to an entirely new level... I started having outbreaks - attacks - of Shingles in the early 2000s. For anyone who is not familiar with Shingles - it is a virus that stays inside of our bodies (for our entire lives) if we had chickenpox during childhood.

I would get terrible bouts of Shingles; the outbreaks were centered around my mouth and lips and it could cover a large portion of my face. These afflictions usually lasted about three to four weeks. They were horrible. Very painful. Nothing helped. Then, as fate took over, I was with Sharry one week in 2010 and I began to experience a Shingles attack. I asked her if she had any experience helping people with Shingles. Without being too dramatic... Sharry already had the countering frequencies for Shingles identified and she had a contact who could put these frequencies on a "Tone Box". I quickly obtained this set of frequencies for countering the Shingles virus. The story had a very happy ending - the frequencies that Sharry found worked very well for me and helped me get over my Shingles outbreak - in record time. In the future, I still had attacks, but as soon as I felt the Shingles' symptoms coming on, I started listening to Sharry's frequencies - using the Tone Box and headphones. I was able to cut the Shingles outbreaks off - really stop the illness in its tracks - and I have never had the same trouble with Shingles that I formerly did, before discovering Sharry and her Frequencies. This was a life-changing event for me and I knew from that point on that Sharry Edwards had found something extremely special.


Per Wikipedia: After a chickenpox infection, the virus remains dormant in the body's nerve tissues. The immune system keeps the virus at bay, but later in life, usually as an adult, it can be reactivated and cause a different form of the viral infection called shingles (also known as herpes zoster). 

Shingles affect one in five adults infected with chickenpox as children, especially those who are immune-suppressed, particularly from cancer, HIV, or other conditions. Stress can bring on shingles as well, although scientists are still researching the connection. Shingles are most commonly found in adults over the age of 60 who were diagnosed with chickenpox when they were under the age of 1.

  • Yours and Sharry's Frequencies for Defense saved my and my Mom's life. I know I had Cov and it knocked it out immediately! I listened mmm...prob 3x total.  My youngest was just very sick this week and it helped pull her through too! THANK YOU from the bottom of my/our hearts!! Please thank Sharry as well for me!! Ivy R.

  • My friend in her late 70’s with IPF (had it for 6 years) used the downloaded the special sounds of Sharry Edwards and Jill Mattson. She is a no-nonsense lady and said twice publically on our Steiner reading meeting that she can breathe more easily when the sounds are on.

  • I am retired, and my income is less than 1k a month, or I'd donate more.  This certainly

deserves much more. Thank you! Sarah T.

  • I think that you saved my life. I was crawling out of my skin with the 5G. I could not sleep or be at peace. I listened to this music and I could sleep and found peace4. Tarrot P.

  • The music is BEAUTIFUL and in only 2 days my throat pain which I have had for 3 weeks is FINALLY improving and it happens during the music tracks. I feel more energy and my head is clearer. My attitude is better too. I have myalgia but today I played the tracks and it improved some. Thanks so much for doing this with’s amazing and I feel mentally encouraged! Kim

  • Abundant blessings to all who are helping us to heal. Susan W.

  • Thank you, and Sharry for what you are doing for humanity. Deepest gratitude. Martha from Texas

  • Thank You!! The music is beautiful! Well done Jill and Sharry!!! Amazing!!! Gary

  • Thank you for this wonderful gift to humanity.  You are angels. Heather

  • Thank you for All You do for humanity! Martha

  • Thank you for your light.  Beth

  • I wanted to say thank you all for what you're doing to help others with this horrible virus. Cindy

  • You all are truly amazing people! God bless you all and keep you safe & healthy!!! Xx Tara Cheng

  • Thank you to all that contributed, earth angels! Blessings  Rodger

  • Thank you.  I am sharing this with as many people as possible. Fran

  • Thank you for the sound frequencies. We are joining our prayers and angel wings in the collective awakening and healing for mother earth. Judy

  • Amazing gifting and compassionate offering.  Thank you & blessings. Mona

  • This is helping me heal; thank you. Susan from California

  • “In Wuhan, many people return to work due to economic pressure. My friend runs a hairdressing shop in the city center.  She is using the music album all day in her shop for cleaning and protecting.” 

  •  “It helps to cleanse the meridians and balance the body energies.” Susan B

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